A Fresh experience

Rafting to suit you

At Fresh we are all about creating fun, thrills and wonderful memories. Rafting in the French Alps is a unique experience and we make it available to all with our well-thought out procedures, routes and safety routines.  Our team of guides are so enthusiastic about the sport of rafting that they want to share it with you.  They do this in a pleasant and re-assuring way so that you will always feel confident throughout your trip down the Ubaye River. 

Once we have discussed your requirements and details of your river journey with you, we will carefully select the best access point. Some sections of the river are easy and others more difficult, hence we will tailor your rafting experience to suit you.

With Fresh you will find yourself experiencing an absolutely wonderful white water rafting adventure. Offering all that you need, you will find it equally exhilarating and safe. We include all the necessary equipment for your trip and instruction is given patiently and carefully. All of the instructors at Fresh are not only extremely skilled but fully qualified and up to date with all of the latest safety standards. We recommend that if you are going to come rafting with us, you should be able to swim adequately and in light clothing.

Have fun together safely

Depending upon which package you choose, your descent down the river can take anything from one to two hours. After a safety briefing and with life-jackets in place over your wetsuit, you will be shown how to paddle correctly. Helmets are also provided and we also recommend that you bring with you a swimsuit and towel. Most of our rafts hold up to 8 people so you will have great fun if you are part of a group. Rafting is a great team sport and is a wonderful way of having fun together.

Your guide will be in the raft with you and will journey with you over rapids, through gorges and past amazing scenery and even local wildlife, flora and fauna. Book your white-water rafting experience with us today and see for yourself what a wonderfully thrilling experience it can be.