A Wonderful Location

Come and find us

You will find the Fresh team in the Ubaye Valley, situated between Provence and Mercantour.

Our main town is Barcelonnette, one of France’s top destinations for outdoor activites, in particular white-water rafting. The beautiful scenery is made up of magnificent rivers and mountains. As well as the beautiful surroundings, you will also find traditional old buildings such as the Saint Paul sur Ubaye church, the Tournoux Fort, Abries Mills and even pretty little bridges spanning the gorge, such as the Chatelet Bridge.

Here you will find tourists soaking up the sun and taking part in rafting, hiking and canoeing. If you love nature, beautiful scenery and the thrill of rafting, then the Ubaye Valley is perfect for you. Get in touch now to discuss the details of your white-water rafting adventure in the wonderful French Alps.