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Welcome to Fresh. We are a group of guides whose greatest passion is white-water rafting. We are located in the stunning Ubaye valley in Barcelonnette in the south of the French alps. When it comes to white-water rafting France boasts some of the best adventure holiday destinations in the world.

We fell in love with white-water rafting many years ago because it’s a thrilling experience that is different every time. And now we want to share it with you. It’s an activity that everyone can take part in, even if you’re a beginner.

Our guides are friendly, qualified and experienced. We know the river inside-out, so know that you are always in safe hands. Our main priorities are safety but most importantly, having fun !

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Our adventure packages

Group White-water Rafting Package


White-water rafting in France is perfect for those who love nature and are up for a challenge, regardless of group size. Our rafts can hold up to 12 people, so you’ll be able to take part even if you come on your own.

Family white-water rafting all ages


Although white-water rafting is an adventurous activity, it’s actually great for all ages. The main priority of our guides is the safety of your family, so you can have fun without having to worry.

Corporate white-water rafting team-building

Corporate Days

White-water rafting is a great way to relieve stress and have fun with your colleagues, so why not organise a team-building day and go white-water rafting ?

Stag do white water rafting hen party

Stags & Hens

There’s no doubt that white-water rafting is a perfect fit for lively groups celebrating stag and hen parties. It’s truly an unforgettable experience for the brides and grooms to-be.

A Fresh experience

Wonderful Location

The Ubaye Valley’s beauty attracts tourists from all over the world. The lush, green landscape creates a sense of tranquility, which makes it the perfect place for relaxing.

In the winter months, it becomes a winter wonderland where you can go skiing and snowboarding, but in the summer, when the river is no longer frozen and it’s lovely and warm, the white-water rafting starts again.

Our rafting takes place on the Ubaye River, which originates on the Italian border by the Rubbren Mountain. It winds its way over the landscape until it reaches the stunning Serre Poncon Lake. With more than 50km of winding rapids, fun lies around every corner. The route that we take down the river offers great diversity with some easy sections running into much more technically difficult areas.

Safety First

Our goal is to provide you with a thrilling, unbeatable and unforgettable experience, but not unforgettable for the wrong reasons! That’s why security is always at the top of our minds here at Fresh.

We’ll make sure that your trip down the river is adapted to you and we will never make you do anything that is beyond your capabilities. Each route is carefully planned, taking into account health and safety procedures.

We guarantee that your experience of white-water rafting will be everything that you imagined it would be and more. We cater for individuals, couples, families and even larger groups. You will be suitably equipped and then guided in your raft through the rapids by one of our friendly and skilled guides. If you have never been in a raft before, you have no need to worry. We will show you how to paddle, sit in the raft and feel at ease and comfortable during your journey.

Meet the team

Grasset Guillaumi

Degree: Sport, Marseille University.
Sport profile: Ski instructor, rafting guide.
Favourite sports: Ski, surf, kayak.
Favourite book: Le Meilleur Des Mondes.
Favourite movie: Into the wide, Matrix, Baraka, Point Break.
Music: All Kind except Reggae.
Nickname: Gully.
Travels: Mind opener.
Dream: Wisdom.

Farjas Gregory

Degree: Sport, Marseille University.
Sport profile: Ski instructor, rafting guide.
Favourite sports: All outdoors.
Favourite book: 1984, Latitude Zero.
Favourite movie: The Games.
Music: Electro, Reggae, Funk.
Nickname: Greg.
Travels: Widely spread, surf trips.
Dream: Peace and love.